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CVS Building tenants should be advised of the following schedule of construction work:

  1. July 25: HVAC on Franklin will be shut down after 6 p.m. to continue to secure and seal areas around the air handlers.
  2. Access to the second floor of Franklin will only be accessible from the Franklin elevators. A barrier will be installed to prevent access to the Rosemary side of the second floor.
  3. Hard demo will continue on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th floors of Rosemary.  This does NOT include asbestos abatement; no ceiling work will be completed.
  4. Chutes for construction removal will be installed the week of July 29. Only construction debris will be removed through these chutes, abatement debris will not.
  5. August 5: Abatement will begin on the 3rd floor of Franklin and Rosemary and is expected to take 4 weeks. During this time hard demo will continue on other floors, but WILL NOT include abatement. All areas of abatement will be contained and properly marked.

As previously noted, air quality testing will begin once abatement begins.


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