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After reports of potential contamination in the office suites on the 2nd floor at 137 E. Franklin St., UNC Environment, Health and Safety inspected the 2nd floor and confirmed that containment measures related to the work being completed by the contractor on the 3rd floor may have been breached.  As such, EHS recommends that occupants on the 2nd floor vacate the premises and make alternative arrangements for work until EHS inspects the space to confirm whether there has been contamination.  The expectation is that it will take until at least Thursday, August 22 before it can be confirmed whether the offices on the 2nd floor were contaminated.

Additionally, the UNC property office will need to work with building occupants to get keys to offices so that EHS can complete the inspection.  Please work with Theo Sullivan to make sure the property office has a copy of a suite key.

Fifth floor occupants – it is the understanding of the property office that asbestos remediation is taking place on the 3rd floor and potential contamination is on the 2nd floor.  As a practical matter, this should mean no contamination. EHS will inspect to confirm. If occupants would like to vacate the premises based on an abundance of caution, that is a perfectly reasonable course of action.  As above, please make sure the property office has a suite key to allow access to EHS.

More information will be sent via email as it is obtained.

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