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OWASA once again met all State and Federal drinking water regulations during the 2020 calendar year. The annual water quality report card in now available in English and Spanish for more details on where your water comes from, how OWASA treats it, how we all can work to protect our water supply, and more on the OWASA Team working every day to deliver safe drinking water across Carrboro, Chapel Hill, and southern Orange County.

The annual water quality report card is an opportunity to highlight how OWASA measures up against drinking water regulations to ensure customers that the water being delivered to your home is safe to drink and meets all regulatory standards. This year’s report card also highlights the team in the Jones Ferry Road Water Treatment Plant laboratory and the work of OWASA’s Customer Service team in helping customers every day. The COVID-19 pandemic forced adjustments in how each of these teams work on a day-to-day basis but working together and adapting to the environment proved to be a success.

The report card also showcases other OWASA initiatives, including the ongoing update to the community’s Long-Range Water Supply Plan and OWASA’s Affordability Program. OWASA is committed to affordability, and the work in this area continues to be vital as the community is beginning to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic. OWASA works in partnership with social service agencies across our community to provide information and tools to help community members manage and reduce their water and sewer bill. For customers who are unable to pay their bill, the Care to Share bill-assistance program is one of the key aspects of OWASA’s affordability efforts. Care to Share is administered in partnership with the Inter-Faith Council for Social Service, and donations can be made by customers as part of their monthly bill or through one-time donations. 100% of donations are used to provide water and sewer bill relief to community members.

You can view the full water quality report card in English and Spanish, and customers will be receiving a flyer in the mail with highlights from the report card and a direct link to the full report.

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