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OWASA met all state and federal drinking water regulations during the 2021 calendar year. The annual water quality report card is now available in English and Spanish. The report card provides details on where your water comes from, how OWASA treats your drinking water to meet regulatory standards, and more about how we can all work together to protect our vital natural resources.

The annual water quality report card shows how OWASA measures up against regulatory standards to ensure that we continue providing customers with high-quality drinking water.

You can also learn through this year’s report card more about the OWASA Team working to serve customers every day and different water-based activities to enjoy – whether that’s taking a kayak onto Cane Creek Reservoir or University Lake or learning more about how high-quality water is the first and most-important ingredient for homebrewing, your morning coffee, and so much more.

Roughly half of every dollar that OWASA receives from customers is put back into the community’s water and sewer infrastructure. The report card also takes time to highlight one of these projects that saw significant work during 2021 at the Jones Ferry Road Water Treatment Plant. This project was focused on increasing the reliability and resiliency of OWASA’s services for residents.

OWASA’s affordability program is also highlighted in the report card. OWASA is working with customers who have bills that are past due to help connect them with funding assistance associated with COVID-19. OWASA also has the Care to Share bill-assistance program, and customers are able to sign up to donate funds as part of their monthly bill to help those in our community who are in need.

The report card is now available in English and Spanish. Customers will also be receiving a packet in the mail with highlights from the full report card.

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