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The Orange Water and Sewer Authority (OWASA) will test sewer lines across campus June 12-30. During testing, OWASA will push non-toxic smoke through the sewer system to help determine if there are leaks or other issues in sewers or storm drains.

During this process, you may see smoke come out of plumbing system vent pipes above the roofs of campus buildings. This is expected and does not indicate a problem in the plumbing system.

The non-toxic smoke should not get into building interiors unless there are cracks, loose connections or other issues with interior plumbing. Should you observe smoke coming from an interior building water fixture or plumbing line, please contact UNC-Chapel Hill Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) at 919-962-5507.

OWASA will alert EHS, the Chapel Hill Fire Department and Orange County Emergency Services each day before testing.

For more information, contact Dennis Kaebisch, OWASA Sewer Preventative Maintenance Supervisor, at 414-588-6442 or dkaebisch@owasa.org.

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