Open Flame Policy

September 1, 2017
All open flames are prohibited in the exterior spaces of the University, with a few exceptions that are subject to approval.

Categories: Fire Safety

Campus Flu Clinics: Sept. 21 – Oct. 20

August 29, 2017
Walk-in clinics as well as the Student Stores and Campus Health pharmacies offer no-appointment flu shots for students, faculty and staff.

Categories: Flu Vaccination

EHS Fire Safety Training Highlight of Week of Welcome

August 24, 2017
Each year the EHS Fire Safety Team trains over a thousand students, faculty and staff how to safely use a fire extinguisher, including a popular event in the Pit during Week of Welcome activities.

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July 2017 Laboratory Safety Winners

August 21, 2017
EHS appreciates the support for safe work environments on campus by the medal winners.

Categories: Laboratory Safety

Safety Precautions During Aug. 21 Solar Eclipse

August 15, 2017
On Monday afternoon, Aug. 21, a solar eclipse will affect an estimated 500 million people across North America as the moon passes between the sun and Earth.

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