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Environment, Health and Safety is dedicated to ensuring students, faculty and staff are protected when using the Art Lab Paint Spray Room.

Product Review

EHS must review all products used in the spray room to identify the personal protective equipment (PPE) required for each product. Submit the form below for products that have not been reviewed by EHS.  Provide the product name and the manufacturer  to assist EHS in locating the safety data sheet for the product.  Submit up to 10 products per form.

Some products will require the use of respirators in the spray room due to very low occupational exposure limits. These products will be identified on the list. Students, faculty and staff must be enrolled into the campus respiratory protection program prior to using the products. The program requires annual training and respiratory fit testing.  For enrollment, submit the Request for Services Form to EHS.

Undergraduate or Graduate

Provide the following information for up to ten products you anticipate using in the spray booths.

Product Name

Associated Departments: