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The local heat index is available online. This value can be quickly determined this value at any time and compared with heat stress warning levels.

Obtaining the Heat Index

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your location zip code.
  3. Save the site in your favorites.
  4. Drag the site from your favorites into you computer’s desktop display.
  5. A ladybug with the words Chapel Hill, NC weather (if your location is Chapel Hill) underneath will serve as your quick link to local weather including the heat index.

The heat index can also be obtained by downloading OSHA’s Heat Safety Tool free smartphone application.

Using the Heat Index

The heat index will appear in the WeatherBug weather data when the index level exceeds 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Verify that the geographic location is correct and the screen is updated to the current time.

If the National Weather Service issues a Heat Advisory, it will appear in the Alert section. The National Weather Service devised the heat index formula to provide guidance on the warning levels for possible heat disorders that may be experienced by individuals with prolonged exposure to these conditions or when strenuous activity is anticipated for only part of the day.

Heat Index Formulas
Heat Index Range Warning Level
80 – 90 Caution
91 – 103 Extreme Caution
104 – 124 Danger
Greater than 125 Extreme Danger