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The Laboratory Safety Manual requires that many hazards in the workplace be labeled, including at laboratory entrances, in food areas, on refrigerators, on microwaves, near hazardous equipment, and on hazardous chemical containers.

Laboratory entrance signs are required by law. They must be posted at all lab entrances to alert lab users, visitors, and emergency responders to hazards. In open plan lab spaces, each bench should have signs posted to specify the principal investigator and hazards located at that bench.

Lab entrance signs can be updated using the “update lab entrance signs” form. After you add at least two different emergency contact numbers and select all applicable laboratory hazards, Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) will update the signs for you and post them at your lab entrances. If you have any questions about lab entrance signs, you may contact the Chemical Safety section.

Used personal protective equipment (PPE) is NOT to be removed from laboratories. A corresponding poster should be printed and placed in all labs.

Other Labels

Below are available labels that may be downloaded and printed for appropriate use. Please note:

  • It is not required that you use these specific labels if you do not want to do so.
  • It is not required that you print these on adhesive labels.
  • Color labels are to be printed in color.
  • Labels may be listed in more than one category.
  • Labels indicating radiation hazards are to be obtained from the Radiation Safety section of Environment, Health and Safety.
  • Radiation labeling tape can be purchased from Fisher Scientific (Catalog No. 15-943 or 15-967).