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Labels that relate to biological safety in the laboratory are posted on this page.

Autoclaved Waste (5″ X 3.5″)Autoclaved Waste Label
Autoclaved wastes are to be placed in a 44-gal. or 32-gal. white Rubbermaid Brute container(s) (with a drum dolly), lined with plastic bags, and located in the vicinity of the autoclave. These containers are to be labeled “AUTOCLAVED/DECONTAMINATED WASTE ONLY.” Biohazard bags placed in the white Brute containers and marked with the heat sensitive tape will signal to Housekeeping that the waste can be removed from the building for disposal in the dumpster.
Biohazardous Needles (5″ X 3.5″)Biohazardous Needles Label
Contaminated needles and syringes are to be placed directly into one gallon metal cans available from Fisher Scientific, stock number 5001069EA, and steam sterilized. To prevent needlestick injuries, needles are not to be recapped, purposely bent, broken, or otherwise manipulated by hand.
Biohazard LabelBiohazard (2.75″ X 2.75″)
The biological hazard (BIOHAZARD) symbol must be used to signify the actual or potential presence of a biohazard and to identify equipment, containers, rooms, materials or combinations thereof which contain or are contaminated with viable hazardous agents. For the purpose of this standard the term “Biological Hazard” or biohazard shall include only those infectious agents presenting a risk or potential risk to the well-being of man.