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All storm drains on campus discharge directly to local streams

Grease goes from storm drain to campus stream

Mop Water

  • NEVER pour mop water or any cleaning chemical down the storm drains.
  • Use sinks that are connected to the sanitary sewer for disposing of mop water. A hot water tap is a good indicator that the sink is OK for this use.
  • Don’t use hand-washing sinks for disposing of mop water.

Water from Cooking Operations

  • NEVER pour water from cooking, steamer trays, water baths, dish washing, or other food preparation activities into a storm drain.

Used Cooking Oil

  • NEVER pour cooking oil or grease down the storm drains.
  • Spill kits are handy, but if you don’t have a spill kit and you have a cooking oil spill, call your UNC contact person to bring spill clean-up supplies.

Questions? Need help cleaning up a spill?

  • Weekdays: Call EHS at 919-962-5507
  • Game Day: Call UNC Police at 919-962-8100