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Areas where grounds maintenance is conducted or where maintenance materials are stored can contribute contaminants to runoff when measures have not been taken to prevent these discharges. The overuse of pesticides and fertilizers, erosion of mulch and soil stockpiles, and improper disposal of grass clipping and leaves results in pollution of campus streams and creeks.


  • Do keep stockpiles of soil, sand, salt, and mulch covered.
  • Do regularly inspect and clean storm drains.
  • Do properly contain and compost grass clippings and leaves.
  • Do discharge equipment rinse water to the sanitary sewer.
  • Do reschedule pesticide application if it is raining or about to rain or excessively windy.
  • Do use integrated pest management (IPM) where appropriate.
  • Do use and maintain a silt fence if disturbing ground cover near a storm drain, pond, stream or creek.


  • Don’t place soil stockpiles or compost piles near ponds, streams, or storm drains.
  • Don’t allow storm drains to become clogged with trash and leaves.
  • Don’t blow or sweep grass clippings and leaves into streams, streets or storm drains.
  • Don’t rinse equipment on pavement or over a storm drain