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All storm drains on campus discharge directly to local streams

Paint goes from storm drain to campus stream

Preventing Spills

When painting outdoors, use a drop cloth to prevent drips and small spills from reaching the ground. Keep lids closed when transporting cans of paint.

Spill Cleanup

Clean up spilled paint with rags or paper towels. You can also use an absorbent such as kitty litter to clean up larger spills. If you need help with large spills you can call Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) at 919-962-5507.

Cleaning Brushes

Clean your paint brushes in an indoor sink. Never wash brushes or other painting supplies outside or near a storm drain.

Paint Disposal

Call EHS at 919-962-5507 to pick up paint you need to get rid of. If there’s only a little paint left in the can, let the paint can dry indoors, and throw the can away.