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Best Practices

Fueling vehicles

  • Stay next to your vehicle while fueling. It’s fine to use hold-open clips on the pumps, but sometimes they don’t work and fuel can overflow the tank.
  • Spill clean-up kits are located at all fueling stations on campus.
  • Clean up any fuel spills immediately, or, at a minimum, place absorbent material on the spill and call EHS to finish the cleanup.
  • Call EHS to refill or replace spill kits.

Use the car wash

  • Vehicles should only be washed in the Service Station wash bay located on Airport Drive.
  • If the vehicle is too large to fit into the wash bay, or if other circumstances prevent bringing the vehicles to this location, alternative measures may be used if they comply with the University’s NPDES Permit.
  • Personal and work vehicles may never be washed in parking lots unless approved by EHS.

Vehicle Maintenance

  • Keep the shop clean. Use brooms, shovels, and shop vacs, not water hoses.
  • Store materials such as oil, antifreeze, and batteries under cover in secondary containment to catch any leaks.
  • Oil-containing parts must be stored in a leakproof, covered container. Inspect this container weekly.
  • Contact EHS for waste pickup of unwanted chemical materials.
Wash Bay
Wash vehicles at the service station located in the Facilities complex on Airport Drive.
Police Car
Departments that are unable to take vehicles to the service station wash bay may use portable systems that contain and collect the wastewater for removal.