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Permeable pavement is a type of asphalt, concrete or block pavers which allows water to drain through due to its coarse structure. Allowing water to permeate through is important for recharging the water table and preventing pollutants from being washed into waterways. Non-porous pavement does not allow water to go through, causing stormwater runoff. UNC currently has a number of permeable pavement parking lots that have infiltration/storage beds located beneath the pavement.

  • NC Botanical Garden – 1 acre of permeable interlocking concrete blocks
  • RR lot on Estes Drive Extension (card access required) – 0.6 acres of permeable concrete and 2.2 acres of permeable asphalt
  • Friday Center Park and Ride – 1.2 acres of permeable concrete and 4.2 acres of permeable asphalt
  • Chatham County Park and Ride – 2.9 acres of permeable asphalt
  • Hedrick Park and Ride- 1.5 acres of permeable asphalt
  • Cameron-Graham Parking Lot – 0.3 acres of permeable asphalt
  • EPA Building Parking Lot – 0.1 acres of permeable asphalt
Estes Drive RR Lot
Permeable Interlocking Concrete Pavers