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Rainwater harvesting systems collect water in a cistern, then distribute that water for non-potable uses such as irrigation and toilet flushing.

UNC has cisterns at the following sites:

  • NC Botanical Garden (used for irrigation) – seven 8,000 gallon corrugated metal tanks with liners
  • Hanes Hall (used for irrigation) – four 10,000 gallon underground fiberglass tanks
  • FedEx Global Education Center (used for toilet flushing) – 43,300 gallon system of underground HDPE pipes
  • Koury Oral Health Sciences Building (used for irrigation) – 58,000 gallon underground concrete vault
  • Marsico Hall (used for toilet flushing and irrigation) –  57,400 gallon underground concrete vault
  • “Bell Tower” Cistern (used for landscape irrigation and Genome Science Building toilet flushing) – 350,000 gallon system of gravel in an impermeable liner
  • Hooker Field (used for Fetzer Field irrigation) – 350,000 gallon system of gravel in an impermeable liner
  • Boshamer Stadium (used for irrigation) – 80,000 gallon concrete vault
  • Rams Head Plaza (used for irrigation) – 53,800 gallon system of RainStore product in impermeable liner under sidewalks
Metal Cylindrical Cistern
Rams Head Plaza Cistern
Hooker Field Cistern