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Health Care Personnel (HCP) are defined as all paid and unpaid persons working in health-care settings who have the potential for exposure to patients and/or to infectious materials, including body substances, contaminated medical supplies and equipment, contaminated environmental surfaces, or contaminated air. Health Care Personnel who work in clinical environments, including UNC School of Medicine & UNC Hospitals clinics, Campus Health Services, and UNC School of Dentistry are covered under this requirement. More information about vaccinations for health care personnel can be found at the CDC’s website.

Vaccines and Requirements
Vaccines Requirement
Hepatitis B 3-dose series (time 0-, 1-, 6- months) OR
anti-HBS titer ≥10 mIU/ml OR
documentation of non-responder status after 6 doses of hepatitis B vaccine AND documentation of HBsAg status OR
declination of vaccine series (Note: Declination not available for non-responder without documentation of HBsAG status)
Note: quantitative anti-HBs titer are required for any health care provider identified as performing Category 1 exposure-prone procedures
Influenza Annual influenza vaccine unless medical or religious contraindication
MMR Birth before 1957 (unless in outbreak situation) OR
2 doses of MMR given at least 4 weeks apart OR
2 doses of MMR (initial plus booster at anytime afterward) OR
laboratory confirmation of disease OR serologic immunity
Note: HCP with documented doses of MMR with negative or equivocal titers are considered to be immune to measles, mumps, and/or rubella
Varicella 2 doses of varicella vaccine given at least 28 days apart OR
1 dose of herpes zoster vaccine AND age >50 years OR
Treating physician diagnosis of varicella or herpes zoster OR
laboratory confirmation of disease OR serologic immunity
Tetanus, diptheria, pertussis (Tdap) One dose of Tdap within the past 10 years (provide HCP has received a primary series of Td immunizations). Pregnant HCPs need repeat doses during each pregnancy. Booster Td/Tdap every 10 years.
Meningococcal One dose to microbiologists/staff who are routinely exposed to isolates of N. meningitides. Booster every 5 years.
Tuberculosis Surveillance Program Documentation of two-step Mantoux TST at any time point (e.g. two TSTs placed with a 12 month time interval) AND a negative TST or IGRA test within the past 12 months prior to hire. While a single IGRA test is sufficient to test for latent infection with M. tuberculosis, UNC and UNC Hospitals do not use IGRA testing for outbreak investigations; therefore a documented two-step TST is required. Annual TST and symptom review are recommended but not required.
Note: HCP with a history of BCG vaccine and/or history of treatment for active or latent TB have different TB surveillance requirements. See TB protocol.

Please note that the above information is targeted to health care personnel working in UNC and UNC Hospital patient care locations. Separate protocols continue to be in place for research, DLAM, long-term care facilities and other programs. Please talk with your supervisor if you are unsure what immunization and TB surveillance protocol is required for your specific work location.