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This chair has most of the adjustments. Some of them are very innovative. Available in standard and high back. Seat sliding available, although the chair evaluated was without this option. Synchonous tilt.

Seat Description

Seat is adjustable in height and tilt. Seat sliding available.

Backrest Description

Backrest is adjustable in height, tension and tilt.

Armrest Description

Armrests are adjustable in height and width.

Unique Features

Unique tension adjustment, along with easy-to-use armrest height and width adjustments. Armrest height adjustment has numbered levels so you can easily get them at the same height.


Overall, I like this chair. I was very impressed with three of the adjustments, the backrest tension, the height adjustment on the arms and the width adjustment on the arms. They aren’t the easiest to find, but they are all easy to get to. The backrest tension adjust in particular is a great location, underneath the backrest! No need to contort your wrist to adjust it while seated. The rectangular shape of the backrest adjustment is difficult to use, but the armrest adjustments are simple and just ingenious. The height adjustment also has numbered levels so you know what level they’re at. The armrests are large ovals. Not very well padded, but can be turned around to face backward to allow you to get to the keyboard if needed. I think the seat sliding is imperative for taller people. The seat might be a little small. The backrest height adjustment is a little hard to depress while adjusting the backrest at the same time.

Additional Information

Overall Score 66%
Seat Average
Back Good
Arms Average
Lumbar Adjust Poor
Directions Fair
Material Poor
Rater’s Opinion Average
State Contract Yes