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This chair focuses on simplicity of adjustment rather than number. The armrests adjust easily and in unison over a large range, eliminating the issue of trying to figure out if the armrests are at the same height. The seat back is counterbalanced against the weight of the occupant so leaning backwards causes the seat back to rock backwards only while the user pushes. Once the user relaxes, the seat stays rocked backwards until the user leans forward again. Most of the other adjustments have short ranges which may limit the chair to people at or below average size.

Seat Description

The seat is adjustable in height and depth. There is an option for a gel seat pan, which some users may prefer. Even with the adjustability, the seat pan was a little shallow.

Backrest Description

The backrest is adjustable in height and angle. The angle is free moving, and is counterbalanced against your own body weight, not a spring. It also rocks slightly. The backrest height is also adjustable, although it may not adjust high enough for some users.

Armrest Description

This chair has an option for pivoting armrests. It has easily adjustable armrests, that move in unison and can be put at a very low height for pulling up to a desk.

Unique Features

The counterbalancing backrest on this chair was unique out of the chairs evaluated. Armrests that easily adjust and are not independently adjustable. Contemporary design. This is one of the few task chairs that does not look like a task chair.


Taller users may find it difficult to sit all the way back and upright. Some users have reported feeling “shoved forward.” Average and smaller users are usually more comfortable, though some taller users are quite comfortable as well. As always, let comfort be your guide. Most of the adjustments are exceptionally easy to use except the seat pan depth, which can be difficult to reach while sitting (extreme wrist flexion). The range of adjustments on back height and seat pan depth are somewhat short. The armrest height adjustment is nice, but narrowly built people will have trouble with the non-width adjustability and may be advised to pay the extra for pivoting armrests. The pivoting armrest feature on this chair is nicer than most. The armrests pivot though a good range and have a locking mechanism to fix the armrests in place. Extreme pressure however, such as when using the armrests to rise from the seat, may cause the armrests to pivot out unexpectedly. This chair makes an effort to be intuitive to adjust. With that in mind, it would have been nice to see the backrest height lever more vertically (in line with motion) and the same for the seat pan depth lever (move in line with its motion) though, the “pinch and pull” operation may be easier for some users. All in all, this chair sits better than its rating. The chair is not on contract because it lacks some necessary adjustments, which was reflected in the lower scores for the seat.

Overall Score
Very Good
Lumbar Adjust
Rater’s Opinion
State Contract