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This is the Big and Tall version of the Criterion. It is a highly adjustable chair with big padded surfaces on the seat and back. This chair is basically the regular Criterion chair with a 20% wider back and seat. Thus, it has the Criterion’s somewhat scooped back which does not provide much of a lumbar curve. Most of the adjustments are easy to figure out and use.

Seat Description

Large, well padded seat pan with height, depth and backward tilt adjustability.

Backrest Description

The backrest has a bit of a scooped back and a large cushion. It is adjustable in height, angle and tension. The seat back also has a “variable backstop” which can be set to allow the user to rock backward a set distance only.

Armrest Description

The armrests are big and somewhat padded. They are easily height and width adjustable.

Unique Features

The armrest width adjustment is unusually easy to use. The user just pushes in and out on the armrests and they slide into place. Unfortunately, there is no mechanism to lock the armrests into place so they have a tendency to slide around during use. Rising out of the chair while pushing on the armrests can cause them to slide, which can be startling.


Some people shopping for Big and Tall chairs are specifically looking for a chair without the exaggerated lumbar curve found on many chairs. The Criterion’s shallow lumbar support may be what they are looking for. Alternatively, users looking for deep lumbar support may need to add some padding to the backrest of this chair. Some of the adjustments are very easy to use, while a few, such as backrest tension, are difficult to manipulate. The width armrest adjustability is nice and very easy to use, though the design could be refined to prevent the armrests from sliding away from where the user wants them. The trigger mechanism for the armrest height adjustment is simple to use. Unfortunately, the armrests fall very easily and can be difficult to move back up. Also, there is no built-in way to tell for sure if both armrests are at the same height. The variable backstop is nice, though it would be nice to be able to lock the back in a reclined position if desired. The trigger that adjusts the backrest height is obvious, however it can be difficult to use while seated. The user has to pinch firmly and pull down with one hand to move the backrest. The seat pan depth adjustment also takes some playing with to figure out. The adjustment is easy to reach, however. Overall, more intuitive mechanisms (i.e. trigger in direction of movement) would be nice but this chair scores well in most areas.

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