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Overall, this chair performed well. It has a large, wide backrest and seat pan. The lumbar region is a gradual curve at the bottom of the backrest. Firm padding, comfortable. This chair has many adjustments and several armrest options. This chair comes in two sizes. It provides a good combination of features and price.

Seat Description

The seat has a large pad and is adjustable in height, depth, forward and backward tilt.

Backrest Description

The backrest pad is also rather large. It is adjustable in height, tilt and tension.

Armrest Description

The armrests evaluated here were able to pivot though a small range. For most users this will not provide too much benefit. The armrests are adjustable in height and width through the width adjustment requires reaching under the chair.


Overall, this is a nice chair. It has many adjustments and the padding is comfortable. The armrest pads are a little firm and they were not able to pivot in far enough to be very useful. This chair had a rather wide seat pan which somewhat defeated the width adjustability of the armrests. When the arms were in as far as they could go, they were still too wide for an average-sized person. SitOnIt makes several seat pan widths, so make sure and choose the width that is right for you. Most of the adjustments were easy to use with some exceptions. Adjusting the arm width requires the user to reach under the chair and unscrew a small knob. The knob is somewhat small and rests close to the underside of the chair, making it difficult to use while seated. The armrests can be removed and turned around, which can be useful in moving the armrests out of the way for work close to a desk. The sliding seat pan adjustment is so close to the underside of the chair that it can be hard to find. The forward tilting mechanism is a standard mechanism found on many chairs. This adjustment is difficult and nonintuitive to use. The user has to flip a seemingly unrelated paddle, lean back and then use the forward tilt adjuster. Three motions to accomplish one adjustment. Further, if a user accidentally makes the adjustment work, it may be difficult to reverse. On the plus side, the backrest moves forward nicely as the seatpan tilts. The pivoting arm function is not obvious, and it really only has three positions. Rising out of the chair while pressing on the armrests may cause them to pivot out unexpectedly. The armrests do not pivot far but the sudden movement can be startling. Overall, a highly rated, inexpensive chair.

Overall Score
Very Good
Lumbar Adjust
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