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You need a document/book/folder/binder holder if you:

  • Reference documents often during daily work (1 hour or more a day)
  • Reference documents that are flat on the desktop and you bend or twist your neck and/or back to view the documents during data entry

Why are they necessary?

  • Working from documents flat on the work surface can create eyestrain due to the text being angled too far away from the eyes
  • Twisted or bent postures in the neck can create unnecessary muscle activity in the muscles of the back and neck
  • Such sustained non-neutral postures can create muscle fatigue and discomfort.

Where should it be located?

  • At about the same distance as the monitor
  • Angled toward the eyes
  • In front of the monitor or as close to the side as possible
  • Avoid placing the document above eye height as this can cause neck strain
  • If it is a single page document holder to the side of the monitor, place the holder on the side of your dominant eye. Believe it or not, we not only have a dominant hand and foot, but we also have a dominant eye. To find out which of your eyes is the dominant one, follow these steps.
    • Make a small circle with your hands
    • While looking through with both eyes, find an object that fills the inside of the circle
    • Alternate closing each eye, while keeping your head straight and hands in the same place
    • The eye that keeps the object in the circle is your dominant eye

    Why is this important, you ask? The dominant eye does not need the neck to rotate as much to see things to the side when looking forward. This means that your reference documents or items which you frequently view should be placed on the dominant eye side of the monitor to prevent neck rotation.

Which one should I get?

  • If space permits, and if you work with larger than 8.5 x 11 documents, an under monitor document holder would be recommended
  • If you work with 8.5 x 11 documents, a single page document holder would be recommended
  • Choose one that meets the above criteria without cluttering the work surface, blocking the view of the monitor or raising the monitor too high
Single-Page Document Holder
Model Vendor Contact
Fellowes: Metal Copyholder (FEL11053) Staples
Kelly Computer Supplies: Adjustable Magic Curve Copyholder (KCS10190) Staples
Ergonomic Flex Copy Holder: Compucessory (CCS22121) Staples
Under-Monitor Document Holder
Model Vendor Contact
Vu Ryte: Ergonomic Document Holder (VUR18SL) Staples
Vu Ryte: Vision Vu Document Holder (VUR18DC) Staples
3M Corporation: In-Line Document Holder (MMMDh440) Staples
Humanscale: CH1000* Local Vendors See below
Humanscale: CH3000* Local Vendors See below

*Heavy Duty

Further Product Information

Product Websites


  • Staples: Contact your office’s Staples representative
  • Local Vendor: Alfred Williams & Co.: 919-493-6508
  • Local Vendor: MacThrift Office Furniture (Genie Fishel: 919-956-5585)
  • Local Vendor: Storr Office Environments (Paul Estes: 919-313-3780)