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A nice keyboard and mouse tray. Fits most all keyboards and has many adjustable options. This tray is ideal for many different types of jobs.

Keyboard Tray Description

Adjustable in height, depth, tilt and angle. The mechanism allows adjustment of the tray to an average range of heights. To achieve lower heights, shims can be placed between the desk and the track.

Mouse Tray Description

A nice design with the mousing surface capable of going over the number pad. After adjusting it may be difficult to keep in position due to the friction based lock. However adjusting the tilt is easy and only requires hand loosening and tightening a thumb screw. This was done to make adjusting easy, but may add to the instability. The tray can adjust for right or left handed mouse use, but drilling a new hole may be necessary.

Accessories Description

The wrist rest is nice because it can be removed easily to accommodate each user’s needs.

Unique Features

A dial that tilts the keyboard tray and is marked as to tell the user the angle of the tray. Complete knee clearance under the keyboard tray.


Overall, this keyboard tray is nice. It has all the adjustability that you need; the drawback is that there aren’t any instructions that come with or mount to the tray. One big plus is that there is plenty of knee clearance and the mechanism doesn’t have a slotted tilt which sometimes leads to confusion. The mechanism allows for tilting, height, and depth adjustment for both the keyboard tray and the mouse tray attachment. The wrist rest is nice because if not needed, it can pop right off, no tools required. The mouse tray has the capability to rotate and tilt over top of the number pad which is helpful when not using the number pad.

*Price: $170
Warranty: Lifetime
Installation Fee: $35.00
Discount: $10 each on an order of 20 or more


Alfred Williams & Company*

3109 University Dr. Suite 200
Durham, NC 27707
919-493-6508 (phone); 919-493-6507 (fax)
Federal ID: 56-0715557

Price Modern Carolina

Mendy Woods
3000 Perimeter Park Drive
Morrisville, NC 27560
919-228-4013 (phone); 919-228-4023 (fax)
Federal ID: 52-0450440

MacThrift Office Furniture

Genie Fishel
1418 Avondale Dr.
Durham, NC 27701
919-956-5585 x121 (phone); 919-956-7499 (fax)
Federal ID: 56-1256232

Storr Office Environments

Paul Estes
10800 World Trade Blvd.
Morrisville, NC 27560
919-313-3780 (phone); 919-313-3701 (fax)
Federal ID: 56-1781661

*Vendor with the asterisk is the one from which the approximate price quote was taken; other vendor prices may vary. Call to confirm prices.

Overall Score
Keyboard Fit
Very Good
Mouse Fit
Very Good
Rater’s Opinion
Very Good