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Job Safety Analysis is a safety tool which can be used by UNC-Chapel Hill supervisors and employees to increase the knowledge of hazards in the workplace at their specific work unit that poses a risk of causing injuries and accidents. There are numerous benefits in developing and implementing JSAs including improving knowledge of hazards among UNC-Chapel Hill supervisors and employees, and the prevention of accidents and injuries.

A blank JSA template and JSAs that have been developed at UNC-Chapel Hill for specific departments are available. You can use any of the JSAs as a reference to help develop one specific for a job or work task performed at your specific work unit.

If you have any questions in regards to this training or any other safety questions about Job Safety Analysis, please call Environment, Health and Safety at 919-962-5507.

Additional Resources

In addition to this JSA Library, the following referenced websites provide excellent information about JSAs, the development of JSAs, and provides examples that may be used.