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“I am the supervisor of an injured employee, what should I do?”

What Is Workers’ Compensation?

Workers’ Compensation benefits are available to any employee who suffers disability through accident or occupational disease arising out of, and in the course of, his or her employment, according to the provisions of the North Carolina Workers’ Compensation Act.

University Employee Occupational Health Clinic (EOHC)

University Employee Occupational Health Clinic (UEOHC) is an important player in Workers’ Compensation at UNC. The UEOHC Physician Assistant serves as the case manager for all workers’ compensation claims. He/She is the authorized medical care provider and the one who is authorized to direct treatment of workers’ compensation employees.

Medical Treatment

If an employee is injured on the job, it is your responsibility to ensure that the employee receives prompt treatment of the injury by obtaining first aid or medical treatment. If the treatment requires more than first aid, the  supervisor or another person must accompany the injured to the appropriate medical facility for treatment. Injured employees are not to be sent unescorted to seek medical treatment.

Emergency Care

If your employee has a life-threatening injury or illness, direct them to go directly to the Emergency Department located in the Neurosciences Hospital on Manning Drive.


If your employee sustains a needlestick injury on the job after hours, they are to call Health-Link at 919-966-7890. The UEOHC’s normal operating hours are Monday-Friday, 8:30-4:30 (except holidays). HealthLink has nurses on duty 24 hours per day to provide phone assistance. For all other work related injuries, escort the injured worker to the UNC Emergency Department.


As the supervisor you are responsible for ensuring that the employee completes the Employees Incident Report Form. You are also responsible for completing the Industrial Commision Form 19 and the Supervisor’s Incident Report Form. All of these forms are found at worker_comp/forms. These forms should be filled out within 24 hours of the incident and forwarded to the Department of   Environment, Health and Safety (CB#1650) within 48 hours.

Leave Procedures

  • If an employee is required to miss time from work, by notification of a doctor’s note, then certain leave procedures are in place.
  • If an employee misses seven days or less, the employee is required to use vacation, sick, or leave without pay.
  • If an employee misses more than seven days, but less than twenty-one days, then the days that exceed seven days will be charged to Workers’ Compensation Leave.
  • If an employee misses more than twenty-one days, then the first seven-day waiting period is waived and Workers’ Compensation Leave payments begin from the first day of disability, or the employee is reimbursed at the  end of the twenty-one days.

Continuation of Benefits

Please note that it needs to be coded as such so that there is a continuation of the employee’s total state service. Retirement System membership continues but service credit does not. If an employee has any voluntary  deductions from payroll, the employee is responsible for coordinating these payments with the University benefits office. You may reach the benefits office at 919-962-3071 to set up the coordination of benefits, so that  these payments will still be made. This will need to be done due to the fact that when an employee is out on Workers’ Compensation, the voluntary deductions that normally come out of their check will not be coming out  of their workers’ compensation check from CorVel, the University’s Third Party Administrator.

Return to Work

After an employee has been on Workers’ Compensation Leave, a physician’s statement authorizing return to work must be submitted to the employee’s supervisor prior to reinstatement to work status.

Full Duty

When an employee has a physician’s statement that says he/she can return to full duty, then the employee is removed from Leave Without Pay Workers’ Compensation and returned to their normal job duties and  responsibilities. The effective date will be based on the primary treating physician’s recommendations.

Modified (light) Duty

An employee may be authorized by a physician to return to work, where his/her job duties have  either been restricted or time limited. If either is the case, the department is to take the employee back to their position and make modifications to the job duties on a temporary basis. This may involve making certain accommodations for the employee to be able to continue in their normal job capacity.

Never Return to Work

If an employee is deemed by their physician to never return to work, then the employee is moved to a special position in Leave without pay, WC Status, and continues to earn vacation, sick and total state service. The employee’s position at that time is then vacated, and the department is then able to recruit for that position. The  University will attempt to find another position within the University or refer them to OSP.

Payment of Medical and Leave Benefits

CorVel processes medical and leave benefits. Delays will occur if:

  • Medical treatment occurs outside of the UEOHC
  • The employee does not inform the provider that the injury is Workers’ Compensation
  • CorVel does not receive the charges on proper medical forms
  • CorVel cannot acquire the medical notes in a timely manner
  • Environment, Health and Safety are not notified of the injury.

Contact Information

Should you have any further questions, you may contact:

Debra Bergman