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Below is a table of all known asbestos on campus. Asbestos that has not yet been identified may be located in other buildings or materials.

Buildings with Asbestos Containing Materials
Building 2’x4′ Ceiling Tiles Spline Ceiling Tiles Soundproofing Peg Board Spray-Applied Material Fireproofing Material Spackling Compound Plaster Elastomeric Coatings Insulation 9″x9″ Floor Tile Textured Paint
Alumni Hall Yes Yes Yes Yes
Avery Residence Hall Yes
Battle Hall Yes
Bowman Gray Pool Yes
Brauer Hall Yes
Caldwell Hall Yes
Coker Hall Yes
Davie Hall Yes Yes Yes Yes
Dey Hall Yes
Gardner Hall Yes
Grimes Residence Hall Yes
Hamilton Hall Yes Yes
Hickerson House Yes
Hill Hall Yes
Hinton James Residence Hall Yes Yes
Kenan Labs Yes
MacNider Hall Yes
Mangum Residence Hall Yes
Manly Residence Hall Yes
Manning Hall Yes Yes
Medical School Wing B Yes
Medical School Wing D Yes
Medical School Wings E and F Yes Yes
Mitchell Hall Yes Yes Yes Yes
Morehead Planetarium Yes
Morrison Residence Hall Yes
Old Clinic Yes
Parker Residence Hall Yes
Pettigrew Hall Yes
Phillips Hall Yes Yes
Ruffin Residence Hall Yes
Spencer Residence Hall Yes
Swain Hall Yes Yes Yes Yes
Teague Residence Hall Yes
Van Hecke-Wettach Hall Yes Yes
Vance Hall Yes Yes
Wilson Hall Yes
Wilson Library Yes