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I Need to Report an Emergency

Is your emergency life-threatening? If so, call 911 right away. If your emergency is not life-threatening, and you would like the EHS Emergency Response staff member to come, please call EHS at 919-962-5507 and give all pertinent information.

I Have an Issue that is Not an Emergency, But I Need Help

Not sure who to contact for your specific issue? Try our “Who do I call?” list. If that doesn’t help, feel free to call EHS at 919-962-5507 and we will help you the best we can.

I Need to Contact an EHS Staff Member

Take a look at our staff page to find all the contact information for every EHS staff member. To send a fax to a specific staff member, contact that person to alert them that a fax is coming for them. Fax the item to 919-962-0227 with a cover sheet that reads, “Attn: Staff Member’s Name”.

Don’t know exactly who you need to contact? The staff page lists EHS employees by section, which could help you narrow it down. Or, try searching the website for a keyword and contacting the person connected with that page. Also feel free to call the EHS main number, 919-962-5507, and describe what you need. Our friendly staff will connect you with the appropriate employee.

There are Some Things on the EHS Website That I Can’t Seem to Access

Some sections of the website require authorization to access, such as Online Training post-tests. This means that you will need to be a UNC-Chapel Hill employee with either an Onyen and password or a PID. You will be prompted to enter this information on some pages.

Something Else

Do you need help with something else that was not covered above? Call the main EHS number at 919-962-5507.

There are a variety of incidents that may occur on campus that EHS has the resources to respond to and take care of. However, not all incidents are within the realm of EHS’s services. Use the following table to determine which office¬†to contact for your specific issue.

Issues and Offices
Issue EHS:
Animals (Alive) X
Animals (Dead) X
Asbestos X
BioHazard Spill X
Biomedical Waste X
Blood Spill (Trauma Scene) X
Broken Lab Glass Disposal X
Broken or Faulty Equipment X
Broken Treads, Floorboards or Handrails X
Building Evacuation Maps X
Building Fire X X
Circuit Breaker Trip &/or Electrical Fuse Blown X
Confined Space Entry X
Construction Projects-Health Impacts X
Egress Blocked X
Electrical Equipment Repair or Replacement X
Electrical Safety/Lock Out – Tag Out & Signage X
Employee Accident/Injury Reporting X
Employee Hazardous/Unsafe Condition X
Ergonomics X
Extreme Weather Preparation X
Eyewash/Showers Inspections X
Eyewash/Showers Repairs X
Fire Extinguisher Repairs/Replacement X
Fire Incident X X
Gas Leaks X
Hazardous Waste Disposal X
Insects/Pests/Rodents X
Keys/Locks X
Lab Moves Planning X
Lead X
Light Bulb Replacements X
Light Surveys (Indoor Environment) X
Light Surveys (Outdoors) X
Microbial or Mold Growth X
Noise/Hearing Conservation X
Odors (gas, burning, unidentified) X
Radiological Incident X
Recycling: Chemicals X
Recycling: Regular Trash X
Recycling: Universal Waste (batteries, flourescent lamps) X
Spill – Chemical X
Spill – Vehicle X
Standing Water/Insect Control X
Stormwater Runoff X
Unknown Substance X
Ventilation Repairs (Fume Hoods) X
Ventilation Surveys (Fume Hoods) X
Water Leaks and Flooding in Buildings X X
Workplace Exposure Monitoring X
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