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The Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) Workplace Safety section is responsible for ensuring that all University employees (including full-time, part-time, and temporary) receive the required training under state and federal regulations. These requirement cannot be fully met without the help of employees, supervisors, principal investigators and department heads.

Training Services

Frequently Asked Questions

I have a new employee who is not appearing in your system. What do I do?
Contact Human Resources if:

  • Employees cannot be found within the department.
  • The wrong department number is on the letter that was sent.
  • An employee’s information is incorrect.

Our information is received from Human Resources, thus we cannot make changes to that information.

Am I required to attend the New Employee Orientation safety course?
Yes, all employees hired from 1993 to the present are required to attend New Employee Orientation. Employees are required to complete either the online orientation OR the in-class orientation. Employees are not required to complete both.
Why do I have to take the Bloodborne Pathogens course annually?
OSHA’S BBP standard 1910.1030 requires employees to conduct annual training.
I work in a lab environment, who conducts the lab safety plan (LSP) training?
The Principal Investigator is required to conduct an annual review of his/her LSP with all laboratory personnel.
Do I need to register for any of EHS instructor-led courses?
Pre-registration is not required.
If I received training on subjects such as bloodborne pathogens or radioactive worker, etc., from a previous employer am I still required to attend the University’s course?
Yes. It is required that the employer conduct training on its policy and procedures.