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Occupational and Environmental Field Hygienist David CatalanoWhat is your position at UNC-Chapel Hill, and how long have you been associated with the University?

Occupational and Environmental Field Hygienist and I have been working at the University for 17 years.

How did you initiate your career in this field or what led you to your current position?

I started my UNC career with facilities services as a plumber and worked with EHS on several projects before taking a position with EHS working on indoor air quality.

Which sectors of the University does your role impact, and in what ways does it contribute to those areas of work?

The position expanded into lead, asbestos, mold and whatever new challenge was given to me. I work directly with Facilities Services in many areas to ensure the safety of employees and students.

Describe what you love most about your job.

The part of this position I enjoy the most is working with Facilities Services on projects. Having started my UNC career with them, it has become important to me to continue to build my relationship with them to ensure that they all get the support they need to do their jobs safely.

What advice do you have for those interested in entering a career in your line of work?

The best advice to anyone starting out on this career path would be to build relationships wherever you work. These relationships will be of great value as the years go by.