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Below is a list of the laboratory safety medal winners for August 2016. EHS appreciates the support for safe work environments on campus by the medal winners.

Gold Medal

  • Aitken, Michael: Environ Sci Engineering ‑ Ops
  • Anders, Carey: Medicine‑Oncology
  • Ariel, Pablo: Pathology Lab Med ‑ Recharge
  • Barker, Christopher: Genetics
  • Berg, Jonathan: Genetics
  • Braunstein, Miriam: Microbiology and Immunology
  • Burridge, Keith W T: Cell Biology and Physiology
  • Castillo, Karl: Marine Sciences
  • Coleman, William: Pathology Lab Med ‑ Research
  • Costello III, Martin: Cell Biology and Physiology
  • Ehre, Camille: Peds‑Pulmonology
  • Faber, James: Cell Biology and Physiology
  • Feins, Richard: Surgery ‑ Cardiothoracic
  • Frazier‑Bowers, Sylvia: Orthodontics
  • Giudice, Jimena: Cell Biology and Physiology
  • Han, Zongchao: Ophthalmology
  • Havener, Tammy: SOP‑CPIT
  • Juliano, Rudolph: OHR‑Benefits Services
  • Kash, Thomas: Pharmacology
  • Koshlap, Karl: SOP‑CBMC
  • Li, Zibo: Radiology
  • Luo, Jingchun: Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center
  • Matsushima, Glenn: Microbiology and Immunology
  • Matthysse, Ann: Biology
  • Mckee, Brent: Marine Sciences
  • Miller, Alexander: Chemistry
  • Miller, Christopher: Pathology Lab Med ‑ Clinical
  • Mock, Jason: Med‑Pulmonary
  • Muller, Kenneth: Lab Animal Medicine
  • Parnell, Scott: Cell Biology and Physiology
  • Parrott, Matthew: Radiology ‑ Research
  • Pickles, Raymond: Microbiology and Immunology
  • Reid, Lola: Cell Biology and Physiology
  • Ribeiro, Carla M: Med‑Pulmonary
  • Serody, Jonathan: Medicine‑Oncology
  • Shiau, Celia: Biology
  • Smith, Philip: SOP‑Molecular Pharmaceutics
  • Tommerdahl, Mark: Biomedical Engineering
  • Vision, Todd: Biology
  • Whitsel, Barry: Cell Biology and Physiology
  • Williams Jr, David: Pathology Lab Med ‑ Clinical
  • Willson, Timothy: SOP‑SGC Center For Chem Biology
  • Wolfgang, Matthew: Microbiology and Immunology

Silver Medal

  • Gensel, Patricia: Biology
  • Muller, Kenneth: Lab Animal Medicine
  • Stafford, Darrel: Biology
  • Weinberg, Howard: Environ Sci Engineering ‑ Ops

Bronze Medal

  • Boucher Jr, Richard: Med‑Pulmonary
  • Eskew, Nita: Chemistry
  • Hirsch, Matthew: Ophthalmology
  • Muller, Kenneth: Lab Animal Medicine
  • Qin, Lu‑Chang: Physics and Astronomy
  • Wright, John: Pediatric Dentistry
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