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Dear Carolina Community:

Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) with the assistance of Facilities Services has remediated the majority of the drinking water fixtures with detected lead identified during the campus-wide testing. EHS has also started the process of testing fixtures one year after remediation to ensure remediation achievement. Once remediation retesting is complete, these fixtures will be tested again as part of the campus-wide testing that will occur every three years.

Moving forward, EHS will conduct lead testing in drinking fixtures in buildings built prior to 2014 every three years. This follows the 2014 revision of the lead-free definition for plumbing fixtures outlined in the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Safe Drinking Water Act. As was done in the past, EHS will continue to test drinking fixtures for lead in newly constructed buildings prior to occupancy. EHS will also develop a comprehensive drinking water testing program to include other parameters to evaluate water quality complaints about specific fixtures on campus.

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