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The Radiation Safety Committee is responsible for establishing policies governing the procurement, use, storage and disposal of radioactive materials and radiation-producing devices. The Committee includes individuals experienced in the use or application of radioactive materials and radiation devices and provides a peer review of these uses among researchers at the University. The Committee meets at least quarterly to review reports on the receipt and disposal of radioactive materials/radiation-producing devices, and to act on applications for authorization to use these sources. The Committee, along with its Chairman, is appointed by the Chancellor. It makes an annual report of activities to the Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration.

Radiation Committee Members
Committee Member Department
Dr. David G. Kaufman, MD Professor & Vice Chair for Research Development, Co-Chair, Radiation Safety Committee
Dr. Beverly J. Errede Professor, Biochemistry & Biophysics, Co-Chair, Radiation Safety Committee
Dr. Louise M. Ball Professor, Environmental Science & Engineering
Catherine Brennan Director, Environment, Health and Safety
Dr. Marija Ivanovic Clinical Associate Professor, Radiology
Dr. Jian Liu Associate Professor, Medicinal Chemistry/Natural Products
Dr. Jeff Sekelsky Associate Professor, Biology
Dr. Roger Sit University Radiation Safety Officer, Environment, Health and Safety
Dr. Rita Tamayo Assistant Professor, Microbiology and Immunology
Dr. Zhanhong Wu Assistant Professor, Radiology
Dr. Hong Yuan Director, BRIC Small Animal Imaging Facility
UNC’s Hospital Radiation Subcommittee Membership
Subcommittee Member Department
Marija Ivanovic, Ph.D., Chair Radiology
Kathy Burkhardt, MS, DABR Radiation Oncology
Robert Dixon, MD Vascular Intervention
Caroline Immel, MT (ASP) Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
Valerie Jewells, OD Neuroradiology
Ellen Jones, MD, Ph.D. Radiation Oncology
Amir Khandani, MD Nuclear Medicine
Vince Nardi, RN, R.T.(R), CV Cardiac Catherization
Dale Payne, Ph.D., LSO Environment, Health and Safety
Roger Sit, Ph.D., RSO Environment, Health and Safety
Todd Smiley Radiology Administration
Eric Smith, PharmD Radiology
David Washburn, Ph.D. Radiology