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This committee focuses on the emerging issues of health and safety for employees working in the office, support services, and industrial, maintenance/construction work environments. The support services work environment consists of activities that are conducted outside of the office environment, usually involve public contact, may involve hazardous materials (examples: Department of Public Safety, Department of Environment, Health and Safety, Material Support, and Housekeeping). The industrial, maintenance and construction work environment consists of those work units whose primary activities are performed at various locations around campus and at fixed location, which uses industrial-type machines and equipment (examples: Facilities Services Electrical, Plumbing, and HVAC Shops, Grounds, Athletics Department Finley Golf Course operations; and Electronics Office Service Center).

Hazards Management Committee Members
Committee Member Department
Adam Maxfield Teaching Associate Professor of Dramatic Art; Chair, Hazards Management Safety Committee
Brad Barnes Energy Services
Catherine Brennan Executive Director, Environment, Health and Safety
Mary Crabtree Workplace Safety Manager, Environment, Health and Safety
Lisa Daley Human Resources Manager, Energy Services
Deborah Hawkins Transportation and Parking
Nate Hilton Athletics
Ken Muller Division of Comparative Medicine
Michael Rolleri Associate Professor of Dramatic Art
David Sharpe Life Safety Services
Phillip Spangler School of Law
Neah Tucker Environment, Health and Safety
Shawn Womack Housekeeping Services