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  • IBC Registration Forms
    Schedule G (Registration of Recombinant DNA Experiments), Schedule H (Use of Transgenic Animals or Plants), and Appendix 10-A (Registration of Human Gene Transfer Experiments) and information on completing and submitting the forms.
  • Instructions for Laboratory Worker Registration Form
    All laboratory personnel are required to register with EHS. Read instructions then complete on-line registration form.
  • Laboratory Worker Registration Form
    On-Line Lab/Radiation Worker Registration Form
  • Laboratory Closeout Procedure Checklist
    This form is to guide laboratory personnel when laboratory operations are moved or discontinued. Other requirements may apply.
  • Safety Data Sheet Request Form
    Safety Data Sheet (SDS) Request Form
  • Request for Monitoring
    Request for monitoring exposures to chemicals in the workplace.
  • Request for Medical Consultation or Examination
    Complete if you believe you have been over-exposed to a hazardous substance in the lab, or if you develop signs and symptoms associated with exposure to a hazardous substance.
  • Research Animal Handlers Questionnaire
    On-Line form for laboratory workers that handle research animals.
  • Safety Clearance Form
    Safety Clearance Form for laboratory equipment that is to be repaired or moved, or laboratory facilities that have been vacated. For surplus property, use the self-adhesive orange labels available from EHS.
  • Self Inspection Checklist
    The items on this checklist are some of the most frequent causes of preventable laboratory accidents, and frequently cited by EHS during lab inspections. Contact EHS with any special concerns that arise from these self-audits, and repeat audits frequently in order to track whether your lab is making improvements.