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The main function of the Chemical Safety section is to manage the process of improving safety through education, compliance and the constant task of identifying and evaluating potential safety hazards in order to reach the destination of a safe research laboratory environment. Because the breadth and depth of University research is always expanding, the process of safety improvement is ongoing and ever-changing, providing daily challenges to support the research process.

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The goal of the Joint Safety Team (JST) is to promote safe laboratory practices and protocols within the UNC-Chapel Hill Department of Chemistry. The JST aims to foster a safe and inclusive community with an emphasis on outreach and education. The JST uses a variety of platforms to foster a safety culture, such as designing and implementing safety training initiatives, building resource databases and designing and distributing infographics on safety topics related to chemistry.

The Joint Safety Team has created a database for Laboratory Safety Minutes. Everyone is invited to submit, review, and share safety minutes.