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Name Role Phone Email
Brennan, Catherine Executive Director 919-843-5331 crbrennan@ehs.unc.edu
Lloyd, Kaitlyn Administrative Assistant 919-962-5507 klloyd@unc.edu
Butler, Amy Dosimetry Technician 919-962-5717 asbutler@ehs.unc.edu

Contact Environment, Health and Safety

Biological Safety
Name Role Phone Email
Craigen, Amanda Biological Safety Officer 919-962-5726 craigena@email.unc.edu
Broberg, Chris Associate Biological Safety Officer 919-962-5722 cbroberg@unc.edu
Bland, Wes Biosafety Specialist 919-962-5712 wbland@unc.edu
Turner, Rachael Biosafety Specialist 919-962-0259 rachmt@email.unc.edu
Dearing, Liz Biosafety/Shipping Specialist 919-962-3829 elstreet@unc.edu

Biological Safety Website

Environmental Affairs
Name Role Phone Email
Postyn, Adam Environmental Affairs Manager apostyn@unc.edu
Daw, Larry Environmental Compliance Officer 919-962-6666 jldaw@ehs.unc.edu
Clarke, Janet Environmental and Stormwater Compliance Officer 919-843-0475 jlclarke@ehs.unc.edu
Grubbs, Stephanie Stormwater Specialist 919-962-9752 stephkg@unc.edu

Environmental Affairs Website

Fire Safety and Emergency Response
Name Role Phone Email
Swift, Adam Fire Safety and Emergency Response Manager 919-962-0360 alswift@ehs.unc.edu
Hester, Ashley Fire Safety Professional 919-962-5728 ahester@ehs.unc.edu
Flannery, Peter Fire Safety Professional 919-962-5708 peteflan@unc.edu
Vacant Fire Safety Professional 919-962-3830

Fire Safety and Emergency Response Website

Hazardous Waste Management
Name Role Phone Email
Benjamin, Douglas Hazardous Materials Manager 919-445-0940 dougrb@unc.edu
Mallory, Andrew Senior Hazardous Materials Specialist 919-962-5509 anandrew@unc.edu
Bentulan, Arthur Hazardous/Radioactive Materials Specialist 919-843-7315 ajbentu@unc.edu
Vacant Hazardous/Radioactive Materials Specialist 919-843-7314
White, Andrew Hazardous Materials Specialist 919-962-5508 ricw@unc.edu
Vacant Hazardous Materials Specialist 919-843-7316

Environmental Affairs Website

Laboratory and Chemical Safety
Name Role Phone Email
Chung, Amanda Chemical Hygiene Officer 919-962-9061 amandac8@unc.edu
Watkins, Xaviera (Zay) Associate Chemical Hygiene Officer 919-962-5721 xwatkins@unc.edu
Vacant Chemical Safety Specialist II 919-962-7831
Truesdell, Patrick Chemical Safety Specialist II 919-962-5727 ptrues@live.unc.edu

Laboratory Safety Website Chemical Safety Website

Occupational and Environmental Hygiene
Name Role Phone Email
Haley, Kim Industrial Hygiene Manager 919-843-2735 kphaley@ehs.unc.edu
Williams, Greg Industrial Hygienist 919-962-5720 gregory.williams@unc.edu
Catalano, David Occupational and Environmental Field Hygienist 919-843-7313 dacatalano@ehs.unc.edu

Occupational and Environmental Hygiene Website

Radiation Safety
Name Role Phone Email
Sit, Roger Director of Radiation Safety/Chief Radiation Safety Officer 919-962-5711 rcsit@ehs.unc.edu
Jeffries, Sharn Medical Radiation Safety Officer 919-843-5926 sharn@email.unc.edu
Moore, Jonathan Academic Radiation Safety Officer 919-962-5713 jdmoore@ehs.unc.edu
Barrett, Matt Cyclotron Health Physicist 919-843-1025 mobarret@ehs.unc.edu
Gunsaulus, Aaron Health Physicist 919-962-5709 afgunsalus@ehs.unc.edu
Battistel, Matthew Health Physics Technologist 919-843-7316 battmatt@unc.edu
Burton, Michael Health Physics Technologist 919-962-5723 mjburton@ehs.unc.edu
Van Vleek, Britton Health Physics Technologist 919-962-5725 vanvleek@unc.edu
Fearrington, Montego Health Physics Technician 919-962-4430 mlfearrington@ehs.unc.edu

Radiation Safety Website

University Employee Occupational Health Clinic (UEOHC)
Name Role Phone Email
Swanson, Jennifer Medical Director 919-966-9579 jennifer_swanson@med.unc.edu
Coe, Catherine Associate Medical Director 984-974-4888 catherine_coe@med.unc.edu
Crabtree, Mary Workplace Safety Manager 919-962-5719 mccrabtree@ehs.unc.edu
Vacant Physician Assistant 919-843-2486
Vacant Occupational Health Nurse 919-843-2485
Pauli, Jenna Occupational Health Nurse 919-962-2944 jpauli@email.unc.edu
Vacant Administrative Support Associate 919-843-4085
Mills, Riley Administrative Support Associate 919-966-9120 rimill@live.unc.edu

University Employee Occupational Health Clinic (UEOHC) Website

Workplace Safety
Name Role Phone Email
Crabtree, Mary Workplace Safety Manager 919-962-5719 mccrabtree@ehs.unc.edu
Kirkland, Cory Clinical Hygienist/Workers’ Compensation Administrator 919-962-0762 cskirkla@email.unc.edu
Teague, Seth Workplace Safety Specialist 919-962-5748 sethtea@unc.edu
Tucker, Neah Occupational Field Hygienist 919-843-4642 natucker@ehs.unc.edu
Willson, Joe Facilities Services Safety Officer 919-962-5710 jmwills@unc.edu

Workplace Safety Website

Network/PC/Citrix Support – Finance and Operations IT

Problems with your computer, Microsoft Office, needing to install a program on your PC, email, network login problems, space issues on your H: and I: drives, accessing Citrix, etc.: Visit the Finance and Operations IT website and click Help to submit a support ticket. You may also call 919-962-HELP or use the online chat at the Help and Support page.

Webpage Support – EHS

For problems with the EHS web pages or website (for web applications, please use the ‘Problems with Web Applications or HASMIS’ information below). Email the webmaster.

Applications Support – Information Technology Services

For problems with web applications or HASMIS, submit a ticket. Use the Login button to log in with your Onyen. Once you have logged in, click the “Request Service” button and search among the available options.

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