Download and print a copy of the Ethidium Bromide Disposal procedures.


Place solids, (gels, tips, paper, plastic, etc..) in a double lined trash bag. Do not use a radioactive bag or a biohazard bag, because these will be rejected at the disposal site. Place the bag in a sturdy cardboard box for pickup. Go online to our website, look under Environmental Affairs, and click Waste Disposal. You will need a current Onyen to use the electronic waste disposal system.

The Onyen web site can be found at Simply fill out the waste disposal form and submit it for routine pickup. When the form is approved, you will receive an email notification that you should print out and attach to the side of your box. Please be sure to seal the box.


Liquids should be collected in bottles as waste and sent in using the electronic waste disposal form, e-510 form, found on our website under Environmental Affairs.

**If you have any questions about these procedures, please contact:

Steve Parker,
Hazardous Materials Manager
(919) 962-5509