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I need to buy some equipment for my workstation (a keyboard tray, mouse bridge, etc.). Do I need permission from EHS?
No. Ergonomic equipment can be bought the same way as a stapler for your office. Talk to your department’s business manager for information on ordering office equipment. The Products page provides information and recommendations on brands and types of equipment, and shows which items are on State Contract.
Do I need permission from EHS to change an aspect of my workstation?
No. If you feel uncomfortable and moving your monitor makes you feel better, do it! Remember, if you are feeling pain that you believe is caused by or increased by your UNC work, contact the University Employee Occupational Health Clinic (UEOHC) as soon as possible.
What is ergonomics?
Please visit the Ergonomics page for the answer to this question and more information.
How long does the online ergonomic self evaluation (OESE) take?
The Ergonomic Self Evaluation takes most people 30-45 minutes of uninterrupted time to complete.

Remember that for now, the self-evaluation is for those working in an ‘office’ or ‘laboratory’ workstation environment.

What is the UEOHC?
UEOHC is the abbreviated name for the University Employee Occupational Health Clinic. Please visit the UEOHC section of the EHS website to learn more.
Whom do I contact to buy… ?
Please visit the Products page for contact information of ergonomic product vendors.
Does EHS pay for my new equipment (like my keyboard tray)?
Your department pays for your new equipment.
I feel that my workstation is improperly set up. What can I do?
EHS offers an Online Ergonomic Self Evaluation that asks questions and generates a report specific to your office or laboratory workstation.

If you are having pain, please contact the UEOHC.

I want to learn more about ergonomics. How can I do this?
Great! The EHS website is designed to help everyone learn more about ergonomics. Please use the links to the left to browse the ergonomics section of the website for more information. Some good places to start are ergonomics, Office Ergonomics, and Medical Information. For information outside of UNC’s EHS, try the Helpful Links page.
How do I know if my pain is work-related?
This is determined based on the medical evaluation at the UEOHC. If you have not already been to the UEOHC for your work-related pain, please do this as soon as possible. Call 919-966-9119 to schedule an appointment.
I think I might have carpal tunnel syndrome. What do I do?
First, if you are experiencing pain that you feel is caused or increased by your UNC work, you need to make an appointment to visit the UEOHC as soon as possible.
This piece of equipment has the label ‘ergonomic’ on it. Does that mean it’s better than others?
Many products today tout themselves as ‘ergonomic’ because there is no real standard for this term yet. It doesn’t necessarily mean it is better.