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When it comes to equipment, finding the right item can be a real hassle. Just because an item has the word “ergonomic” painted on it doesn’t mean the designers gave any thought to ergonomics. Even if they did, it doesn’t mean the product is right for you. Sometimes, the best solution is common, ordinary, and doesn’t bear the words “ergonomically designed” anywhere in the product literature.

Product Evaluations

UNC Ergonomics has reviewed some keyboard trays for your convenience. Reviews were performed with usability in mind.

Recommended Products

The following products have not been formally evaluated, however they serve as great solutions to common problems in the workplace. Each section contains questions concerning need, reason, placement, and product selection. Please read through the individual sections to determine if you are in need of the product selected. Once you determine that you need a certain product, use the tables on each product page to assist with purchasing.