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It has large and wide supporting backrest and seat pans. The lumbar region is a gradual curve at the bottom of the backrest. Firm padding, comfortable. Most of the adjustments are present. Has multiple armrest options, but the one evaluated only had height adjustment concave padded armrests. This chair comes in two sizes. It provides a good combination of features and price.

Seat Description

The seat has a large pad and is adjustable in height, depth, forward and backward tilt.

Backrest Description

The backrest pad is also large padding. Adjustable in height, tilt and tension.

Armrest Description

The armrests are adjustable in height and width though the width adjustment requires reaching under the chair.


I think this is a nice chair. The one evaluated was a big and tall chair. This chair had a rather wide seat pan, which somewhat defeated the width adjustability of the armrests. When the arms were in as far as they could go, they were still too wide for an average-sized person. The armrests on the chair evaluated had concave rests with no rotation, so when they are placed too wide due to the restrictions, they can be uncomfortable to use. The chair has all of the features you’d want, it looks nice, and the padding is comfortable. Most adjustments are easy to use, but some are not obvious that they are there or about how to manipulate. The levers are labeled (embossed) as to what they do, but they are in all black, which makes seeing them difficult. When adjusting the arm width, you need to unscrew the bolt upside-down, and need to be out of the seat to have enough power to loosen it. The sliding seat adjustment is close to the front underside of the chair and is easy to find but not that easy to adjust. The forward tilting mechanism has quite a strong kick forward when unlocked and caution should be taken when adjusting. The backrest adjusts in height and angle, but the height adjustment is not labeled. The height adjustment is done by sliding the back up and at the top it unlocks and goes to the lowest position.

Overall Score
Lumbar Adjust
Very Good
Rater’s Opinion
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