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Note, price listed for this chair does not include headrest. This is a firmly padded chair with a lot of adjustments and features. Features such as textured places on the castors that act as miniature footrests and a slot under the seat for the instruction manual are standard. The seat and back tilt simultaneously, and can lock in three different positions. It has the option of softer padding for the armrests, though the armrest design in general leaves something to be desired.

Seat Description

The seat has firm padding and adjusts in height, depth and angle. It moves in sync with the backrest, unlike the 2 degrees of back angle per 1 degree of seat pan angle found in many chairs. The chair can lock in a back, level, and forward position.

Backrest Description

With the newer models, the backrest is adjustable by squeezing a button on the back of the backrest and lifting. The button is unobtrusive so some users may not notice it. The backrest rocks, and has an adjustment for the tension of the backrest.

Armrest Description

The armrests are height abut not width adjustable, though many users have reported not being able to lower the height enough. For users who use the armrests while typing, these armrests may be farther apart than is comfortable. They are made of a hard rubber, but there is an option for cushions that cover the arms.

Unique Features

There is a storage compartment for the small instruction booklet, but it tends to hide the booklet. Some users have their chairs for years before discovering the booklet. Of course, it is still possible to lose the instructions.


Most of the adjustments are easy to make, and figure out. The paddles have raised symbols, which makes it easier to remember by feel what each paddle adjusts. Visually, the paddles are also color coded. The storage area under the seat for the instructions is a good idea, but it is easy to forget about them under there and they can still get misplaced. The basic armrests are made of an unforgivingly firm plastic which can be uncomfortable for some people. This chair has the standard, “hidden under the seat and hard to reach” tension adjustment for the backrest. Refreshingly, while it can be difficult to reach, it is very easy to manipulate. Most users are either very happy with this chair or extremely unhappy. Few fall into the “it’s an OK chair” category. Overall, this is a nice chair. But if you need more adjustable armrests, this may not be the chair for you.

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