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A nice keyboard and mouse tray. Fits most all keyboards and has many options that are adjustable. This tray is ideal for users that use the number pad on their keyboard frequently.

Keyboard Tray Description

Adjustable in height, depth, tilt, and angle. The mechanism allows adjustment of the tray to an average range of heights. To achieve lower heights, shims can be placed between the desk and the track.

Mouse Tray Description

The mouse area is located on either the right or the left of the keyboard on the same platform.

Accessories Description

The wrist rests can be removed without any tools, but a large gap exists if they are not present.

Unique Features

Platform can be purchased that incorporates sustainable design (100% recycled and recyclable materials).


The basic one level platform keyboard tray. The mechanism is adjusted like most with a dial that has a slotted tilt option on the mechanism which can be difficult to figure out and adjust if not familiar with the device. A few praises are that there is plenty of knee clearance and platform options for sustainable design (100% recycled and recyclable materials) are available. The mechanism allows for tilting, height, and depth adjustment for the keyboard tray. One negative is that the platform adjusts in height with the slightest touch from the underside of the platform, thus making it difficult to keep in the desired position. The wrist rest can be adjusted easily for left or right handed mouse use. Something that would make the keyboard tray more user-friendly would be to include directions somewhere on the product.

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