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Keyboard Platform that has an adjustable mouse platform. Both platforms are difficult to adjust or cause hindrances. Can be used for either right or left handed mouse use.

Keyboard Tray Description

Adjustable in height, depth, tilt, and angle. The mechanism allows adjustment of the tray to a limited range of heights; however the unit is bulky and cumbersome to adjust. To achieve lower heights, shims can be placed between the desk and the track.

Mouse Tray Description

The mouse area is located on either the right or the left of the keyboard on an adjustable mousing surface.

Accessories Description

The wrist rests cannot be removed without removing the adhesive between them.

Unique Features

Instructions on the mechanical arm help with adjustment.


The keyboard tray is nice because it actually has instructions on how to adjust. The tilt function is combined with the height mechanism and can be difficult to understand how to adjust unless you are familiar with that type of arm. Positive tilt is unfortunately what it defaults to. The rotate function of the mechanical arm is easy to use. The knee clearance is insufficient, because the arm adjustment knob hits the users’ knee under the platform. The platform is designed to fit all keyboards 19 inches wide or smaller but not ones that are larger like the “Microsoft Natural Keyboard Pro.” The removal of the keyboard platform wrist rest will allow for the split keyboards to fit in height and overhang in width but the adhesive must be separated to achieve this. The mouse surface is nice, but the size is too small and most mice will not operate well. A nice addition is a plastic rail that makes sure the mouse doesn’t roll off the back of the platform when storing. The mouse platform can be mounted on both sides but the adjustment is hidden. The tilt and movement functionality of the mouse is almost impossible to use, and most people would not bother to adjust after initially setting it.

*Price: $233
Warranty: Limited Lifetime
Installation Fee: Facilities Services
Discount: None



Aquila Brown
919-843-6789 (phone)
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