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The arm has a nice dial tilt mechanism and the board has a level to show the proper angles for the keyboard. Two gripes are that the board does not swivel well, and lowering the platform is not that easy without losing your mouse and keyboard.

Keyboard Tray Description

Adjustable in height, depth, tilt and angle. The mechanism allows adjustment of the tray to an average range of heights. To achieve lower heights, shims can be placed between the desk and the track.

Mouse Tray Description

The mouse area is located at either right or left of the keyboard on a round tray that swivels over the keyboard.

Accessories Description

The wrist rests can be removed with a screwdriver. Mouse cord clip is nice so the mouse stays on the tray.

Unique Features

The tilt mechanism shows the user how much tilt and what angle to set it at for certain working heights.


The keyboard tray is nice because it focuses on instruction on proper keyboard placement; however the adjustments are poorly designed. The tilt is the only adjustment easy to use. The height and rotate functions of the mechanical arm are very difficult to use. The knee clearance is sufficient, but there could be more with a better designed attachment plate. Grease is one big negative in the tray. If the keyboard tray is not cleaned when installed it is possible to get it on your clothes when scooting under the desk with legs near the track. The platform is designed to fit all keyboards, and the removal of the keyboard platform wrist rest will allow for the split keyboard to fit. The mouse surface is ok, and a nice addition of the wire clip makes sure the mouse doesn’t roll off the back of the platform when storing. The mouse platform tilts and swivels over the keyboard. It can be mounted on either side as well. The design allows for the tilt to change over time due to the amount of force placed on the mouse platform. Simply tightening the screws once a desired tilt is achieved will correct this problem for a while. Overall, not the best in the world for functionality, but the instructions are nice.

*Price: $162
Warranty: Lifetime
Installation Fee: Facility Services
Discount: 10% off on orders of 100


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