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A keyboard tray with a sliding mouse surface and an average mechanism that has dial for tilt. Can be used for either right or left handed mouse use.

Keyboard Tray Description

Adjustable in height, depth, tilt, and angle. The mechanism allows adjustment of the tray to a limited range of heights. To achieve lower heights, shims can be placed between the desk and the track.

Mouse Tray Description

The mouse area is located on either the right or the left of the keyboard on the same platform.

Accessories Description

The wrist rests cannot be removed without disassembling the platform.

Unique Features

Mousing surfaces “disappear” and can be used on both sides simultaneously.


The keyboard tray is designed so that the mouse platforms disappear within the keyboard platform. The mechanism is adjusted like most with a dial that has a slotted tilt option on the mechanism; which can be difficult to figure out and adjust if not familiar with the device. Something that alleviates this issue is that directions are included on the mechanism. The mechanism allows for tilting, height, and depth adjustment for the keyboard tray. One negative is that the platform does not allowe for removable wrist rests, making it unsuitable for the “Microsoft Natural Keyboard Pro.” The mechanism also doesn’t allow for much adjustment, only 5.5 inches of downward adjustment. The mousing surface can be used on both sides simultaneously if needed; a definite plus.

*Price: $188
Warranty: Limited lifetime
Installation Fee: $12.00
Discount: Free installation on 4 or more; otherwise, call for any discount.


Triangle Office Equipment*

Trey Jones
P.O. Box 2372 – 300B S. Elliott Rd.
Chapel Hill, NC 27515
919-929-4203 (phone); 919-929-7647 (fax)
Federal ID: 56-1019983

Price Modern Carolina

Mendy Woods
3000 Perimeter Park Drive
Morrisville, NC 27560
919-228-4013 (phone); 919-228-4023 (fax)
Federal ID: 52-0450440

Storr Office Environments

Paul Estes
10800 World Trade Blvd.
Morrisville, NC 27560
919-313-3780 (phone); 919-313-3701 (fax)
Federal ID: 56-1781661

*Vendor with the asterisk is the one from which the approximate price quote was taken; other vendor prices may vary. Call to confirm prices.

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