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Where do I seek treatment?
If you are injured on the job (M-F 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m., except for University Holidays), you must seek medical attention at the University Employee Occupational Health Clinic (UEOHC). The UEOHC is located at 145 North Medical Drive.
What if I am hurt after hours?
After-Hours Needlestick/Human Blood or body fluid exposures, please call UEOHC at 919-966-9119. The UEOHC line will automatically forward your call to Healthlink in order to gather the appropriate information and put you in contact with the Family Practice physician covering the needlestick hotline.

For all other after-hour work related injuries that requires immediate medical care, go directly to the UNC Emergency Department. If immediate medical care is not needed, then please report to the UEOHC the following day.

What about emergency care?
For a life-threatening injury or illness, go directly to the UNC Emergency Department located in the Neurosciences Hospital on Manning Drive or to the nearest emergency facility.
What are medical benefits?
Medical Benefits are medical expenses that arise from an accident or occupational disease that arise out of, and in the course of, employment. See also: Workers’ Compensation Policy Benefits.
What are leave benefits?
Employees who suffer lost work time injuries or illnesses are eligible to receive Workers’ Compensation Leave pay equivalent to two-thirds of their average weekly wage, with a maximum equal to the average wage in North Carolina. The maximum Compensation rate is adjusted annually by the North Carolina Industrial Commission. This two-thirds pay is not subject to taxes. See also: Workers’ Compensation Policy Benefits.
Is there a return to work program?
Yes, UNC has a return to work program. Priority is given to employees on Workers’ Compensation Leave to effect an early return to work. Departments are encouraged to make modifications in job duties to reasonably accommodate temporary physical limitations. If these modified duties last longer than 90 days, notification to the Workers’ Compensation Administrator is required.
Is my supervisor required to contact me?
Yes, it is University Policy that the supervisor contact the injured employee. This process is done for follow-up and to ensure the employee is well taken care of.
What happens when I get hurt?
If you are injured on the job, you need to notify your supervisor, seek medical attention at the UEOHC, and fill out the employee’s report, and make sure the supervisor completes the supervisor’s report and the NCIC Form 19.

Additional questions may be directed to Mary Crabtree, Workplace Safety Manager.