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Discarded film and spent fixer contain silver and pose a potential threat to the environment if improperly discarded. Silver waste should be managed through recycling.


  • Recycle all discarded film. Separate the film by type (microfiche, photoprocessing, or xray). Place each type of material in a separate box or container.
  • Label the containers as to the film type such as “X-Ray film for Recycle”.
  • Request a pick-up of your film.
  • Do ensure that your department has a program in place to filter your photo or x-ray effluent by adding a silver filter, if applicable.
  • If you have large amounts of fixer waste to collect, contact EHS. We can supply a pail or drum for accumulation.


  • Do Not allow spent fixer to be disposed into any drains.
  • Do Not place discarded film into the garbage.