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Staff Training

Stormwater Awareness Training is conducted in person and online.

UNC-Chapel Hill has over 50 staff members trained in Stormwater SCM Inspection and Maintenance through the North Carolina State University Extension. Participation is funded for UNC-Chapel Hill employees whose jobs are related to stormwater and landscape maintenance.

To schedule training for your group, email or call 919-962-9752.

Stormwater Carolina North Tour

Workshops, Guest Lectures, and Tours

UNC-Chapel Hill stormwater staff offer workshops, guest lectures and tours about various aspects of our stormwater program. We can customize the content to your course or event. Examples of past programs:

  • Battle Grove Stream Restoration site – This virtual or walking tour has been done for planning, ecology and English classes. It includes an overview of stormwater regulations, how projects are planned and environmental careers.
  • Green Infrastructure and Stormwater Control Measures – This virtual or walking tour visits the following types of stormwater control measures:  green roofs, cisterns, bioretention and swales. It includes discussion of the campus watersheds and how stormwater management has changed over the decades.
  • Wetlands tour of Carolina North, looking at existing and restored wetlands.
  • GIS guest lecture about the use of GIS in stormwater for GIS classes.
  • Water Sustainability guest lecture or tour including stormwater, water conservation and non-potable water use.

To schedule an event for your group, email or call 919-962-9752.